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Footshake is a phygital game (physical and digital) allowing you to practice a sport while being connected to your friends!

Depending on the mode you choose (classic or expert), Footshake is a round, elliptical object designed in silicone to perfect your touch on the ball and perfect your balance while having fun.

Thanks to its featherweight, 120 grams, this little technological jewel allows you to refine technique, dexterity and endurance in an extremely fun way.

2 different level

Classic mode
Classic mode


Expert mode
Expert mode



They adopted Footshake


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Thanks to the application available on Android and Apple Store, you will be able to create your profile, count the number of juggles live in training mode, calculate the number of calories lost per session and per day to boost your motivation. But that's not all, you can of course challenge your friends all over the world using the challenge mode!

Stay tuned! You might have the chance to challenge your favorite soccer stars in a specific challenge session that we host with our APP partner soccer communities!

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